Daphne Ortiz

Deciding on a photographer for your event can be stressful and complicated.  When it came to choosing a photographer for my wedding there were certainly quite a lot to choose from.  I feel that asking someone to document your event requires a more intimate touch than some companies can provide.

I began getting interested in photography while working in a photography lab.  Running the machines I saw wedding, family, graduation and special event photos.  I found that many did not feel that they captured the event or the people as they should.  Seeing this inspired me to enroll at the University of Washington in their Photography program in the liberal arts college.  I completed my degree in 2006 and has allowed me to incorporate both an intimate and artistic way of photographing your event.

If you like what you see in my wedding and portrait galleries, I would like to sit down and talk about your event and how I will be able to help make it as special as it can be!